Starter Ideas

running a side hustle from your kitchen maybe you’re a HouseWifeBlogger or blog about sports or trains. Would an extra $1,000 a month change your outlook or make things a little easier?

It’s a lot easier to get started than you think. You need a solid idea and some time, but I think you could start a legitimate side hustle in a weekend.

Click domain name for a detailed summaryStart a side hustle that …
18wheelerwrecks.comhelps injured people contact great attorneys
800plumbingservice.comconnects people with plumbers
911plumbers.comconnects people with emergency plumbers
9mm.usdelves into all things related to 9mm guns
accidentlawyer.tophelps injured people contact great attorneys
accidentlawyers.tophelps injured people contact great attorneys
acecreditcard.comhelps people ace the credit card application
adderallsideeffects.comlearn about the side effects of Adderall
afffordableplumbing.netconnects people with affordable plumbers
aframecabin.netStart a youtube channel or blog that focuses on A Frame cabins – you don’t have to won one yourself just tell other people how wonderful they are and show them pictures and plans. Pretty soon you’ll have 5 acres and an A-Frame of your own!
aframecamper.comThis is an Instagram biz with 2k followers and a website that needs to be developed … lots of potential here!
altcoinfaq.comlearn and teach about all of the great Altcoins that are coming to market
altcoinlinks.comfind other great alt coin sites
appalachiantrail.netprepare to hike the Appalachian Trail
at4t.comfind out what to do At 40 years old – mid-life crisis counseling
atlantagranitecountertops.netfind granite countertops in Atlanta, GA
atlantaroofing.infofind roofers in Atlanta, GA
atlantaroofing.usfind roofers in Atlanta, GA
atlantaroofingcenter.comfind roofers in Atlanta, GA
atlroofing.infofind roofers in Atlanta, GA
autoinsurancerated.comfind the best rates auto insurance
avblogger.coma blog about aviation or audio/video or …
awayoutofdebt.comA Way Out Of Debt – Debt Counseling
awordpressblog.coma blog about wordpress
babyfoodcontainers.comthe best containers for homemade baby food – nice niche. And there are tons and tons of babies being born every year … and they all eat … and they all poop …
Diapers.linkStart a side hustle that focuses on diapers and diaper reviews and diaper coupons
basics4bloggers.comLearn the basics of becoming a blogger
battingcamp.comstart a baseball batting camp – supplemental instruction is big $$$$
bearsreview.coma blog about Chicago Bears, Baylor Bears, Cal Golden Bears
beautywebcast.comhost weekly/daily beauty webcasts
bellaskitchen.netYouTube Channel and blog that features great kitchen ideas and great recipes like sour cream coffee cake
bellyfatworkout.comlose that pesky belly fat with a personalized workout
bestonlinebrokerages.comYou could make a killing with a business that reviews and rates the best online brokerages for stocks, forex, crypto . . .
dividendmemo.comStart a monthly newsletter about dividend investing
drone24x7.comdrones All … the … time!
easycleanjuicer.comJuicing and juicers
easyteak.comteak furniture
electricblankets.orgelectric blankets – a winter essential
electricvehicle.tvYouTube channel about Electric Vehicles
eventslouisville.comhappenings and events going on in and around Louisville, KY
filmmaking.infolearn how to get into filmmaking … I always wanted to but never have
final-cut.comall about final cut and filming software
financialadvisordirectory.comhow do you even find a financial advisor? Huge market!
findmehosting.comfind the best hosting for bloggers
firstlookhomeloan.comfind home loans for people
flatstomachdiet.comI used to have a flat stomach – this diet would be great for me
foggymountaingear.comstart your own line of outdoor clothing and gear
foosballtable.netfoosballtable reviews
fordtruckboard.comcommunity of ford truck enthusiasts
forexsuccess.comvideos and tutorials about successful forex investing
garagedoor.directorydirectory of garage door installation companies
garagedoor.linkinformation and videos about garage doors
gear.linkblog and youtube channel about gear
gearandguns.comblog about gear and guns
gearspread.comcurate a collection of gear spread pictures
gearuplink.comuplink with the best gear
ged.tvhelp people get their GED through videos and study guides
generatorsreviewed.comaffiliate site up and running – just needs some attention
georgiatech.netfan site for Ramblin Wreck sports
gordonspeer.comthis guy was a sci-fi aficionado par excellence this would be a cool site to link to all sorts of great Amazon content.
HairyBeasts.netStart an affiliate site focused on men’s and women’s grooming products
heelfans.comUNC Tar Heels – any fans out there – this could be your chance to start a fan blog and monetize it to make money with your hobby.
HouseScout.netStart a directory for the nation’s top real estate agents!
housewifeblogger.comAny housewife who wants a blog – or write a blog about the Housewives of Potomac
hv4c.comHV4C or the 4 could be an A … HVAC – anybody like conditioned air?
improveyourtestscore.comGMAT, MCAT, LSAT or GRE test prep
incometaxhavens.comI wish I lived in one of these – like Wyoming!
increaseyourtestscore.comSAT and ACT test prep Need some insurance? Insurance has a really high CPC
individualinsurance.topI need an individual insurance plan
insuranceplano.comLive in Plano? Need some insurance? Insurance has a really high CPC
irongrillhawaii.comgreat name for a restaurant or food truck
japan.fmJapanese pop music site
jeep.howYouTube channel, Blog and IG about Jeep repairs
jeep.wikieverything you wanted to know about Jeeps
jeepbedliners.comspecific niche but Gladiator owners want to know …
jeeps.usYouTube channel, Blog and IG about Jeeps
jeepsonline.comYouTube channel, Blog and IG about Jeeps
keeplouisvilleclean.comlets work together!
kitchenquestions.comcould you help me with some kitchen questions?
kiwipoppers.comthis new little fruit is incredible!
kydemocrats.comwant to start a newsletter for KY Democrats?
lamarjacksonmvp.comthis guy is my MVP
laptop.todayteach people all about the best laptops and accessories
lawyer.helpI need help finding a good lawyer
lawyersandiego.netare you looking for a lawyer in lovely San Diego?
lifeinsurance.dealshelp people find great deals on life insurance
lifeinsurancelouisville.comdo you live in Louisville? Better get some Life Insurance
linkroundup.netteach people how to do their own link roundup
local-attorney.comin need of a local attorney?
locksmithsinatlanta.comI’m in Atlanta and locked myself out of my car
louisvilledentists.netwho are the best dentists in Louisville
louisvillegunshop.comwhat’s the best gun shop in Louisville
louisvilleoutdoors.comeverything going on outdoors in Louisville
louisvilleplumbers.netleadgen website that just needs a little attention
louisvilleroofingcenter.comthis could be a great leadgen website
malpracticelawyernyc.comlist of NYC based malpractice lawyers
mapsnow.neteverything you wanted to know about GPS and maps
marinecorps.digitalYouTube channel and blog devoted to the USMC
marines.digitalYouTube channel and blog devoted to the USMC
maroonie.comTexas A&M fan site
masternavigator.comeverything you wanted to know about GPS and maps
membershipgoldrush.comteach other how to make money with membership sites
metalroofing.topput the metal roof on top
micromasters.netthese are gaining a lot of traction these days
microsoftofficeformac.comvideos, books and tutorials for Office for Mac users
military.digitalYouTube channel and blog devoted to the military
militaryreading.comhave you read any good military books lately?
mindingyourmortgage.comcan you help me pay off my mortgage early?
minifutures.comtrading mini futures can make you wealthy … or broke
mmcinemas.comMMCinemas – I love to watch movies
montclair.infoeverything you ever wanted to know about Montclair, NJ
mountainbikeroundup.comeverything going on with mountain bikes
moviesandmysteries.commy favorite
moviesmysteries.commy favorite
mutualcarinsurance.comCould you help me find a mutual car insurance company?
mybodymakeover.comI need a body makeover
mydegreee.comhelp me find the best online degree programs
mygardenpond.comlearn how to plant build a garden pond
n95masks.netn95 masks – kinda important these days
nashvilleroofingcenter.comLots of roofs in Nashviile, TN
nationalinsurancexchange.comI wish there was a national insurance exchange where I could get coverage
nationalparks.linkI wish I had links to all of the national parks
navy.digitalYouTube Channel devoted to the navy
navyduty.comwhat is it like to serve in the navy?
navyrecruits.comhelp people prepare for boot camp by getting in shape
new-balanceshoes.comshow people the newest styles – this is what Steve Jobs wore
newbalancereviews.comreviews of the best shoes
newmexicotravelguide.comvideos and books on all the sights in and around New Mexico
newyorkcityvisitorguide.comvideos and books on all the sights in and around New York City
niche-website.comhelp people build websites for their niche
nstrips.comgreat name for a breathing strip or construction product
offroadamerican.comshare your off roading hobby with others
onlinequoteautoinsurance.comOnline Auto Insurance Portal
orthodontist.xyzthese guys are great send them leads and you’ll be smiling
pacificcoastguide.comsell guides and videos to all the best spots on the pacific coast
paddleboarder.netstarter site with 2k instagram following
pajamas.xyzBuy some pajamas for the favorite person in your life
parody.uscomedy channel on YouTube
patioandpool.netI would love some ideas for my patio and pool (I wish I had a pool)
patioheaterreview.comLots of people need these but no one knows which is the best
personalstocktrading.comstart a newsletter or YouTube channel
petinsurance.clickpet insurance is a must for pet lovers – great niche.
pictureofagun.comput a different picture up every day and watch the money flow
pontoonlifestyle.comI wish I could live the pontoon lifestyle more often
pontoontoday.comPontoon Boats they’re so much fun
prepperbucket.comprovide info and sell courses and kits on how to prep with buckets
pressrelease.digitaldo you know how to write press releases?
probiotics.topprobiotics are a huge niche!
puttingonmakeup.commy wife is great at this …
qualitytrafficmachine.comI can send a lot of quality traffic to your social channels
rebootcybersecurity.comcool name for a cybersecurity consultant
reliableroofingrepair.comI need a reliable roofing repair after that storm
reloading.inforeloading … they say it’s cheaper than buying new.
residential-roofers.comlist and reviews of residential roofers
residentialmortgagecalculator.comCould you help me find out how much mortgage I can afford?
residentialroofingdallas.comResidential roofing in Dallas – its a big City
residentialroofingtexas.comResidential roofing in Texas – its a big state
retailsalesdata.comRetail Sales Data – it’s a key economic indicator
reviewed.linka site with all the reviews
revolutionarywar.neteverything about the Revolutionary War
ridingmower.netReviews and offers for Riding Mowers
river.fishriver fishing … it’s the best!
roofersnearme.topdo you know any roofers near me?
roofingdirectory.netI wish I could find a directory of the best roofing companies
safenethosting.comcan you help me find safe net hosting?
saltycaribbean.comthere are some salty ole pirates walking around the Caribbean.
saturdaynightreview.comreview all the Saturday night football or Saturday night basketball
sellingiseasy.commaybe … but you wouldn’t buy a book called Selling Is Hard!
seofornewbies.comlearn SEO for newbies
seoyourvideos.comlearn how to SEO your Youtube videos
septicsystemservice.netit can be hard to find a reliable septic system service
septictankservice.netit can be hard to find a reliable septic tank service
shermantank.comFury! Sherman tanks helped turn the tide of WWII
showerandtub.comshowers, tubs and bathrooms oh my! Remodeling is a great niche!
linktostart.comhey … that’s this site! Why is it listed here?
smart-words.comCrosswords, word games, you really need to be smart with your words
sourcreamcoffeecake.commmmmm sya no more … you’re speaking my love language.
space-force.digitalYouTube Channel all about Space Force
stateparks.linkI wish I could find links to all the state parks
steampunk.worksdo you like the steampunk genre? I know I do.
step-into-reading.comreading tutoring and software is big business
stockplannr.comI’d like to invest more but I need a planning app
studentloancancellation.comare you eligible to have your student loans cancelled?
studentloanoffers.comlearn how to refinance your student loans
studysprocket.comI needed a study app like this back in college
subatomicgear.comI can see a cool clothing line related to this one
submarine.wikieverything you ever wanted to know about submarines
submarinehosting.comSubmarines … hosting … Dive Dive Dive
suicideblonde.comthe 80’s
tabletdeals.netDeals on tablets and associated gear
taxlawyer.linkDo you need to find a good tax lawyer?
taxpracticesforsale.comare you in the market to buy a tax practice?
termlifeinsurance.topTerm Life Insurance – Buy Term and Invest the Rest
testprep.infowish I had this when I took the LSAT
thearmy.digitalyouTube Channel all about the Army
theinsurancerate.comwhat is the insurance rate?
thelakehouselife.comI love spending time at the lake
tincannavy.comDestroyers, cruisers and such. Watch Greyhound with Tom Hanks!
topinsuranceproviders.comwho are the top insurance providers?
toptravelblogger.comThis blog is already up and running with 13k instagram followers
trails.topTrails – which one leads to the top?
trains.tvTrains … I’d love to trvael on them more often
trainwallpapers.comRoom wallpaper, screen wallpaper, they all need trains
travelsmokymountains.comlearn all about the best parts of the Smoky Mountains
tritoon.netenjoy the lake life on your tritoon
trout.linkFly fishing anyone? Trout is a big niche!
tryaffiliatemarketing.comaffiliate marketing can be very profitable if you give it a try.
turboprop.topKing Air, Caravan, PC-12, Avanti … turboprops are the top in my book.
unexplored.digitalThe discovery channel is full of ideas for your own Youtube Channel
usaf.tvYouTube channel dedicated to the United States Air Force
usedmowerforsale.comfind a used mower for sale
usvi.topUnited States Virgin Islands
vpntraveler.comtravelling? you definitely need a VPN!
whatisavpn.netwhat is a VPN? You should get one!
whatiswordpress.comWhat is the is wordpress thing anyways?
wiseowltraining.comTraining and development is a big business
wordpressbloghost.comhosting for wordpress
wordpressfreehosting.comfree hosting anyone?
wordpressrescue.comhelp people rescue their domain names and blogs
wordpresssupportcenter.comhelp people with pressing blog questions
wordpressthemespack.comwouldn’t a theme pack be great?
wprepairservice.comhelp people repair their broken blogs
wpsecurityplus.comhelp people secure their WordPress sites
ww2.linklearn more about World War 2
ww2links.comlearn more about World War 2
zombiefamilyrobinson.comgive the Swiss Family Robinson a zombie treatment

What are some other ideas that you have?